Tie Dye and Flashy Colors

Tie Dye and Flashy Colors

It’s official: tie dye fashion is in right now.

It used to be only ravers and hippies that embraced this fashion statement, but now everyone is dressing in tie dye. The likes of Beyonce and Bieber were spotted wearing tie dye tees last year. Meanwhile, runways have been full of tie dye items and big brands have been putting out entire tie dye collections.

We’re convinced tie dye could be the big fashion trend of summer 2020. It’s colorful and it’s vibrant and it’s just what is needed right now to cheer everyone up. Designer Sai Ta even called it a ‘reflection of freedom and hope’.

What tie dye styles are in right now?

Tie dye surfer girl t-shirts are still the most popular item. However, tie dye fashion has been branching out beyond this. On top of tie dye shirts, there have been tie dye tops, tie dye dresses and even tie dye hats.

We’re also seeing tie dye designs being printed on new materials. Tie dye denim is starting to catch on, including tie dye denim jeans and jackets. There are even some tie dye leather items out there including jackets and handbags.

Multi-colored rainbow designs are the styles that most of us are familiar with, but there are subtler options for those that don’t feel like going totally psychedelic. In fact, tie dye works well with single colors such as reds and blues. Such options can look great at both casual and semi-formal events.

Why choose our tie dye fashion products?

You can make your own tie dye clothing at home. However, if you want top quality results, you’re much better off buying tie dye clothing off the hanger. A number of retailers are now selling tie dye items – including ourselves.

At Dash Outfitters, we offer a few different tie dye options including our mauve tie dye dress and indigo tie dye top. Our designs are versatile and can be worn at all occasions. You can also guarantee high quality clothing when buying from us.

On top of our tie dye fashion products, we stock a number of other clothing items in flashy colors. Such bold and bright clothing could be perfect if you’re looking to bring some vibrance to your wardrobe this summer. Flashy colors also happen to be in right now – so why not grab yourself some flashy colored items and take a break from all neutral colors.

All of our clothing comes in a variety of sizes. Some of our product descriptions contain exact measurements that can help you to make sure that your item is the right fit. We accept different forms of payment including the option to pay in instalments using Afterpay. Take the time to browse through our collection and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got a question about any of our products.

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