Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends

As the weather warms up and lots of us get started with spring cleaning, your wardrobe may need freshening. We have been watching the runways, and we know what you need to consider for your Spring 2020 wardrobe, from trending materials and prints to spectacular must-have pieces…

Materials Making a Splash in Spring Fashion

Keep your denim and your cashmere, but be sure to look out for stylish pieces made with this season’s top trending materials, such as:

  • Crochet – Your Grandma’s handmade crochet is coming back into fashion, and this Spring, crochet midi dresses are all the rage. These ultra-feminine dresses are inspired by lace and knits, with a flowing, comfortable feel.
  • Leather – From vests and jackets to skirts and dresses, leather is a must for your springtime closet. Add a leather vest to your office attire for a stylish accent, or dress-down your quirky leather skirt with a no-fuss top or a classic T-shirt.
  • Feathers – For your evening wear, you simply must have some feathers. This Spring, you can find feathered dresses and tops, which are perfect for making your jeans or trousers more glamorous for going out.

Perfect Prints for Spring 2020

Catch some envying glances and make a statement with some fun colors and prints this Spring:

  • Fluorescent Colors – Neon is in, and dramatic tones such as fluorescent pink, green, blue, and yellow are sure to put all eyes on you. Create a stunning look with neon-toned leather or even feathers or grab a fluorescent vintage suit from your local thrift shop. If you prefer to be subtler, you can still flaunt neon style with a fluorescent handbag or scarf.
  • ’60s and ’70s Wallpaper Prints – Get your print fix with apparel featuring funky ’60s and ’70s wallpaper designs. Retro prints such as this are ruling the runways with fun patterns and tons of color.
  • Polka Dots – Put a dot on it. Polka-print tops, dresses, trousers, and more are fun and feminine with an edgy twist. A polka-dot dress is an excellent choice to wear to those springtime weddings to show off your fashion sense, and enlarged polka-dot prints have a fun, chic appeal.

Women’s Apparel Designs to Die For This Spring

Now that you know what materials and prints to hunt for this Spring, it’s time to find your fashion pieces. These designs are a definite must:

  • The Disco Collar – Go out and find yourself a jacket or coat with a broad, pointy Disco collar. The retro vibe of this collar features sleek lines that extend over the shoulders or chest. Pair your disco collar jacket with a pretty silk shirt that has a fun print.
  • Hot Pants – Also known as short shorts, hot pants are an excellent opportunity to show off your legs in the style’s peak. You can find them in everything from denim to knits and even funky prints and colors. Balance out the look by wearing a jacket or long sleeves on top. If you’re not ready to show off so much leg, style them with tights underneath.
  • Bermuda Short Suit – Bermuda shorts are making a comeback, especially for office wear. Pair dark Bermuda shorts with a slick blazer or flowy button-down blouse for the ultimate statement around the office.
  • Bra Tops – Just in time for the warm weather of Spring, bra-tops are a sensational hit. You can even find them in crochet! Pair your revealing top with pieces that provide more coverage elsewhere, such as high-waisted trousers, a maxi or midi skirt, or a Chesterfield jacket.
  • Tiered Dresses – Ruffle it up! With all kinds of volume and flowy fashion, tiered dresses and skirts are all the rage this season. They’re dramatic and oh-so-fun to twirl as you move. Dress it up with high heels or go more casual with sandals and a bra top.

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