Skirt Styles Trending This Summer

Skirt Styles Trending This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to invest in and wear a variety of skirts. They’re a way to show off some skin and keep cool while the temperatures rise. If you’re in the market for a new skirt or two, it’s best to take the time to learn about the skirt styles trending this summer before making a purchase.

Women’s skirts are here to stay and are an excellent way to look fashionable and trendy this summer season. They will help you feel bold and beautiful and give you some variety apart from always wearing jeans and pants. Not only wear what’s trending, but also make sure the skirt is flattering on your body type and you feel comfortable in it. Learn more about the latest skirt styles that will be trending this summer so you can wear yours with confidence.


In general, florals are a fashion staple and will also be trending when it comes to skirts this summer. It’s a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe and will be one of the most popular prints to wear in the summertime by far. It’s a way to add color and spark to your outfit and can be dressed up or down.

As for prints, snake, zebra, and camo are all additional options that will provide you with a trendy look.

Stylish Slits

The consensus when it comes to skirt styles trending this summer is that slits are in. You shouldn’t be afraid to show off a little skin, especially when it’s warm outside. It’s an edgy, sexy-yet-chic detail that you’ll be seeing a lot of this season. A slit allows your skirt to take on a new shape and form each time you walk and move. It can also add some comfort to an otherwise curve-hugging pencil skirt. It’s all about balance and showing off just enough without being too revealing.

Buttons & Pleats

Add some style to your summer skirt by choosing one with buttons or pleats. Buttons on your skirt will instantly make you appear more charming and modern. They work well on all lengths of skirts, including a mini, midi, or maxi. A pleated midi skirt will never go out of style and can help you make a fashion statement this summer. You may even want to think about choosing a two-tone skirt and matching it with a tank and blazer. The upside is that a pleated skirt can be worn all year-round so you can throw it on with some boots in the fall.


Leather skirts are going to be trending this summer. It’s an evergreen material and look that will be suitable for a variety of types of occasions. You’ll find that a lot of them now have patches, fringes, and rivets, which is a way for the designers to make leather skirts trendier and more glamorous. A leather pencil skirt is fitting for both casual wear and wearing as formal business attire. Consider pairing your skirts with a simple t-shirt and blazer to look fashionable and on point.

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