Pretty in Pink

Is it time you added some pink to your wardrobe?

While some of us steer clear of pink, it’s a color that has never really gone out of style. This is because of how versatile pink can be. There are times when pink can be classy or formal. There are other times when it can be fun and rebellious.

Pink can be a very flattering color too. It can bring warmth to those with a pale complexion and a coolness to those with darker skin. Used correctly, it can even have slimming properties.

There are many different tones of pink including hot pink, fuchsia, blush, ash pink, pastel pink, champagne pink and cotton candy. While some tones are deep and intense, others are light and subtle. By finding the right tones combined with the right style, anyone can make pink work for them.

At Dash Outfitters, we stock a number of pink clothing products including sweaters, tops and dresses. Below are some tips on how to wear these items and why you should own them.

What’s hot in pink right now?

When it comes to women’s fashion in pink, there are a number of trends that are hot right now.

The first is textured pink. When contrasted with neutral and non-flashy items, textured pink tops and dresses can be a great statement piece. This could include anything from a patterned dress to a cardigan. Our long-sleeved lace top and pink floral romper are two examples of textured pink done right. Such items are smart and edgy – pink texture doesn’t have to include princess frills.

Pink sweaters are also all the rage right now. They are incredibly versatile and able to match all occasions – they’re great for lounging in at home and equally suitable for wearing to the workplace. At Dash Outfitters, we sell a few different pink sweaters. If you currently don’t have any pink in your wardrobe, this could be the perfect first item.

How to pull off pink fashion

Pink has long been a controversial color. Since most girls’ toys are pink, some of us may view it as too feminine or too childish. However, this sense of cuteness and innocence can also be used positively to bring a sense of calm, joy and creativity to your outfit.

It all comes down to understanding how women’s fashion in pink works. By choosing the right tones and textures and pairing them correctly you can avoid looking too much like a barbie doll, instead rocking a look that’s cool and sophisticated.

Dressing entirely in pink is definitely not something you want to do. It’s a loud color that is best reserved to one item of clothing. You should also avoid pairing pink with other loud colors. A pink top and blue denim jeans can work well, but otherwise it’s best to pair pink solely with neutral tones such as white, grey and black.

Pink and white works particularly well. Both colors can even be combined in single items of clothing such as these pink and white sweaters.

If you find pink to be too soft and princess-like, there are also ways of toughening it up. Pink can be integrated into typically masculine styles of shirts and trousers. You can also give pink more of a rocker tone by considering items such as pink leather jackets and pink denim jeans (lighter tones of pink tend to work better).

You can also try opting for traditional and elegant forms of pink clothing. When integrated into a more formal styles of clothing, pink can come across mature and chic, instead of feeling childish. This could include a pair of traditional pink pumps or a pink blouse.

Of course, the key to wearing any color well is confidence. This is particularly the case with pink, which has a tendency to draw attention. By wearing pink with pride, you can prevent it from looking awkward and make it look meaningful.

Check out some of our styles of pink clothing today and start looking pretty in pink!

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