Hot Fashion Trends

It is almost time for fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun! Now is the opportunity to throw out your winter wardrobe and bringing lighter colors. And wild women’s fashion can be a fickle lady we must remember to be on-trend. But what are the big fashion trends as spring turns into summer?


Yellow was the color last fall and winter and as the sun turns brighter it’s time to inject your wardrobe with some tangerine orange. Tangerine doesn’t have to be a strange addition to a wardrobe. In fact, it can be something that can brighten up your summer wardrobe even more so. Tangerine is one of those warm colors rather than luminous and should be an addition to your summer getup.

The Spring Boot

Do not let the name fool you! While the spring boot is particularly loose in terms of seasons winter-appropriate footwear can be particularly striking especially now we are in late spring. It’s a great way to accent any formal get up but if you want to give it a sometimes spin go for brighter colors. The boot will never go out of fashion! And if you want to make yourself funky and a little bit dangerous in the name of women’s fashion, the boot is it!

The Blues

This is your cure for the summertime blues! Blue can be a bit moody but using the right tone can make it shine through any of your style wardrobes. Blue works in any season whether it is the light blue pleated dresses denim shorts or a bright blue power suit. While women’s fashion in the summer leans towards the brighter colors you can use blue to your advantage. Blue is never plain!

Polka Dot Power

Has polka dots ever gone out of fashion? Well, they had for about 30 years, but while everybody was going for the floral look last year, they have got to move on because it’s now time to make a spotted statement. Wherever you plan on going, whether it’s a relaxed garden party or a wedding, or you are going to stretch your stuff out on the town and following it up with a day in the office, polka dots are the print for this summer.

The Brightness of Whiteness!

If you are looking at tonal dressing going from top to toe in white can be a very bold move. You could go full Victoria Beckham and layer up a white suit to impress your colleagues in the office you can go off white if you are worried about spilling anything on your first date (by which, we mean food, not secrets)!

dash outfitters - handbags

Handbags at Dawn!

Handbags and specifically clutch bags have been enjoying a major revival. Perfect in practicality but also adds an extra layer to your street style. Handbags are always a stylish addition to any business power suit or the perfect way to compliment your summer dress. Handbags are not, we repeat, not a bulky piece of equipment to store your make-up. It’s an essential addition to anybody’s wardrobe.

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