Dash Outfitters Fashion Trends

Dash Outfitters Fashion Trends

Keeping up to date with women’s fashion is a task all in itself. And when you’re looking for the latest fashion trends you don’t have far to look. Here is what is going to make your look pop while getting yourself fabulously tanned this summer!

Puffed Sleeves

While there was a revival last year now we are seeing sleeves make a lot more room for itself!  The great thing about this is that they can hang off your shoulder effortless sleep or move more gradually down your arm. Whichever way you go you can’t get enough of the fabulous puff!

Metallic Leather

Not everybody likes the sun beaming down on them and prefer to stay in the shade. But you still need to look stylish whatever the weather. Not everywhere gets the sun! And more metallic looks, especially silver is where it’s at right now. It can be a particularly strong look, so stick to a more muted metallic look so that it stands out.

Low-slung Tailoring

It’s time to bring the high waists down. Looking relaxed and looser using low-slung tailoring is effortless and when you pair it up with some elegant looking shoes you won’t look so so relaxed and sloppy. The big danger with low-slung tailoring is that it can hang way too much off you. Keep it in check.

Short Shorts

Self-conscious or not if you’ve got fabulous legs you need to show them off with the shortest of shorts! Whether it’s hot pants with a pair of tights or the famous daisy duke cutoffs, there is a case for keeping it short this summer!

Hats, Summer Trending Styles

Statement accessories throughout the spring and summer months need to be functional yet fashionable! After all, this is the very statement of working women’s fashion! But if you want to make a statement you can be on-trend by getting some weird and wonderful designs.

The Safari Style

The safari style doesn’t have to be pocket heavy. You can have a small injection of inspired style to complement your outdoor adventures. From shorts and shirts to belt bags if you want to add a little bit more nature to your nouveau, the safari style has it.

Shorts Suit

Tailoring is one of the best ways to truly show off your attributes,  whatever the season but if you are are looking to invest in any sort of trouser suit that shows off a prim and proper professionalism a short suit can channel a unique type of energy.  If you go for blazers this is the next logical step.

The Blank Slate

If you are looking for a more ethereal and floaty style the spring and summer months are perfect for wafty white dresses. If you want something more carefree, dressing up in white, whether it’s an off the peg wedding party dress or a long summery number with floral prints, it’s the perfect time to hook up with your hippie side and make women’s fashion more floral!


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