Tie Dye Fashion

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Rock Your Favorite Tie Dye Designs as the Vintage Trend Makes a Comeback in 2020

Tie-dye designs are one of the favorite childhood clothes for a generation. The vintage style was popular and easy. DIY tie-dye design was as simple as scrunching fabric into intricate folds and dosing it with squirt bottles full of beautiful colors. It was the most happening style for various articles of clothing in the 90s. If you were not cloaked in a brilliant assortment of colors, you wouldn't feel like you belong in that era. Fast forward a few decades...


Tie Dye and Flashy Colors

It’s official: tie dye fashion is in right now. It used to be only ravers and hippies that embraced this fashion statement, but now everyone is dressing in tie dye. The likes of Beyonce and Bieber were spotted wearing tie dye tees last year. Meanwhile, runways have been full of tie dye items and big brands have been putting out entire tie dye collections. We’re convinced tie dye could be the big fashion trend of summer 2020. It’s colorful and it’s...



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