4 Rules to Styling Your Sunglasses

4 Rules to Styling Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses shot to popularity as a fashion accessory back in the 1900s as Hollywood stars began wearing them left, right, and center. They set off a trend that would last the rest of the century and beyond. Fortunately, with the vast selection of amazing sunglasses like the ones we have at Dash Outfitters, you will never have to compromise between style and function.

Our selection can help you amp up your style while protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays at the same time. Before you browse through our selection, learn about some of the most important rules about how to style your sunglasses through our styling guide for sunglasses below.

1.    Select the Perfect Pair for Your Face Shape

Everybody has a different type of shape for their face. Different faces are suited for different sunglass designs. This is a fact you cannot deny. There is nothing you do to look good in shades than finding a pair that compliments your face shape by accentuating your best features.

2.    Minimize the Accessories

Why bother adding a ton of accessories that will take all the attention away from your shades? Make your favorite sunglasses shine by going with minimal accessories, jewelry, and color. Stick to using only the accessories that bring out the best of your sunglasses.

3.    Suit Up!

The amazing thing about sunglasses is that the right pair can go with any occasion. Pair your glasses up with a Mesh Panel Button-Front Blouse and throw in an elegant scarf into the mix. You will absolutely love how perfect the formal look becomes so stylish with the right Cat Eye Fashion Sunglasses.

4.    Wear them Without Wearing Them

Who says that you always have to wear your sunglasses for them to make you look good? Hook the look and use your favorite pair to accessorize your outfit. Make a style statement with your sunglasses without even wearing them. It gives you an excellent option to wear your shades to protect your eyes for when you’re out in the sun, and an accessory to wear when you’re indoors. You can always prop up your shades on your head, but hooking it up on your pocket or collar is always the hassle-free option.

One of the best things about sunglasses is that they can be the ideal accessory for nearly any type of outfit you are planning on for the day. Just make sure that you pair your favorite pair up with the right outfit for the right occasion. Wearing oversized sunglasses can be excellent to add a chic finish to a smart outfit and jazz up a casual wardrobe. Using these rules to styling your sunglasses can help you rock the perfect look as you head out on warm sunny days.

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